Swiss Trauma & Acute Care Surgery (STACS) Days 2022

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SwissACS Research Price Award 2022

Congratulations to Dr. Christian Magyar for the SwissACS Research Price 2022 of CHF 1000.-!

Price jury: Prof. Dr. Dr. D. Demetriades, Los Angeles; Prof. Dr. Dr. P. Talving, Tallin, Estonia; PD Dr. T. Zingg, Lausanne; Dr. D. Jakob, Bern

The research price has been awarded for "Performance of the Quick Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (qSOFA) Score in predicting outcomes in patients undergoing emergency general surgery and the proposal of the modified Quick Age Disease Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (qadSOFA) score"

Foto: From left to right: Prof. Dr. B. Schnüriger, Dr. Ch. Magyar, Prof. Dr. Th. Lustenberger, PD Dr. T. Zingg

Coup d'oeil

Emergency abdominal surgery - Tension pneumopelvis due to rectal perforation

Published October 15, 2019. Authors: Andreas Kohler, MD, Antje Lechleiter, MD

75-years old female patient, presenting with fever and acute lower abdominal pain. The CT scan showed extensive air in retroperitoneal zone III resulting in a collapsed rectum and bilateral urethral obstruction with hydronephrosis. Attempted conservative treatment with endoscopic closure of the rectal perforation, retroperitoneal drainage and antibiotics failed. Subsequently, a Hartmann’s procedure was performed.

Polytrauma - Widened mediastinum

Published: October 25, 2017. Authors: Beat Schnüriger, MD, Tobias Haltmeier, MD

Polytraumatized patient with widened mediastinum on chest X-ray. CT-scan shows sternal and thoracic spine fracture with large hematoma, which is a possible differential diagnosis for a widened mediastinum on chest X-ray.

Emergency abdominal surgery - Gallbladder volvulus

Published: September 29, 2017. Authors: Tobias Haltmeier, MD, Beat Schnüriger, MD

A rare case of gallbladder volvulus. Elderly patient with signs and symptoms of acute cholecystitis. The diagnosis was made by laparoscopy. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy was subsequently performed.