Lectures 2021


SESSION 1: Special Circumstances in the Shockroom

Thoracic trauma – criteria for tertiary care transfer; Dr. A. Hojski, Basel

Antibiotics for open hand injuries?; Dr. R. Meier, Bern

Management of patients with concomitant head and abdominal injuries; Dr. D.A. Jakob, Bern

SESSION 2: Clinical Workshops

The Ten Most Important Trauma Papers in 2020; Prof. Dr. T. Lustenberger, Aarau

Conservative vs. operative fracture management in children; Prof. Dr. S. Berger, Bern

How to Read a TEG; Prof Dr. W. Hautz, Bern

Resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta (REBOA); Dr. T. Birrenbach, Bern, Prof. Dr. W. Hautz, Bern

SESSION 3: STACS 10-Year Anniversary Address

Acute Care Surgery in Switzerland – Now, then and in the future; Prof. Dr. B. Schnüriger, Bern

SESSION 4: Mechanism of Injury – You Always Worry!

Falls: Does height matter?; Prof. Dr. C. Meier, Winterthur

Traffic accidents: Should we care about the car?; PD Dr. V. Neuhaus, Zürich

Stab wound in the self-inflicted vs assaulted patient: any difference?; Dr. J.L. Lavanchy, Bern

SESSION 5: Military Session – Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Introduction;Maj Gen A. Stettbacher, MD, Surgeon General of the Swiss Armed Forces

From Baghdad to Boston: Translating tactical combat casualty care to the civilian environment;Prof. Dr. M. Martin, San Diego, USA

Disaster training and preparedness - How we do it; J.J. Mark Haverkort, Utrecht, Netherlands

SESSION 6: The Coroners’ Session

Missed injuries: Lessons learned from the coroner; Prof. Dr. S. Bolliger, Zürich

Gunshot wound ballistics: What the physician needs to know; Prof. Dr. C. Schyma, Bern

SESSION 7: Sonography in Trauma – Pearls and Pitfalls

Presentation and discussion of interesting sonographic findings in trauma; Dr. B. Lehmann, Bern; Dr. K. Klingberg, Bern; Prof. Dr. J. Osterwalder, St. Gallen; PD Dr. V. Neuhaus, Zürich


SESSION 1: Acute Care Surgery Today

Why to become an Acute Care Surgeon?; Dr. O. Quaile, Bern

Prevention of surgical site infection - suggestion for a bundle of care; Dr. J. Jurt, Lausanne

Management of esophageal perforations; Dr. Y. Borbély, Bern

SESSION 2: Current technologies in Acute Care Surgery

Supported by Medtronic

Advanced local hemostatic agents in emergency abdominal surgery; Dr. T. Haltmeier, Bern

SESSION 3: How I Do It?

Common bile duct stone at cholecystectomy: Now what?; Dr. G.A. Prevost, Bern

Appendiceal mass in the acute patient: surgery or non-operative management?; Prof. Dr. D. Hahnloser, Lausanne

Abdominal wall management after damage control laparotomy and open abdomen treatment; Prof. Dr. G. Beldi, Bern, Prof. B. Schnüriger, Bern

SESSION 4: State-of-the-Art Lecture

Damage control laparotomy for severe abdominal sepsis: Where are we now?; Prof. A. Kirkpatrick, Calgery, Canada

SESSION 5: Hot Topics in Acute Care Surgery

Tertiary peritonitis: The intensivist’s point of view; PD Dr. C. Pfortmüller, Bern

Tertiary peritonitis: The surgeon’s point of view; PD Dr. S. Käser, Solothurn

SESSION 6: 10th STACS Days: Round-up and Closing Remarks

Live webinar May 4, 2021, 16:00-18:00 h

Sum-up of 2021 STACS Days 2021; Prof. Dr. B. Schnüriger, Prof. Dr. A. Exadaktylos, Dr. T. Haltmeier (STACS Organizing committee)