Special Circumstances in the Shockroom

08:35 - 10:00h Ettore Rossi Lecture Hall

Moderator: PD Dr. B. Schnüriger, Bern

The ten commandments in trauma care
Prof. Dr. A. Exadaktylos, Bern handout ›

The obese trauma patient: Special considerations and outcomes
Dr. L. Mica, Zürich handout ›

Initial evaluation and management of the burn patient
Dr. P. Ducommun, Zürich handout ›

Femur shaft fracture in the multiply injured patient: Timing and technique of fixation
Prof. Dr. H.C. Pape, Aachen, Germany handout ›

State-of-the-art lecture

13.00 - 13.30 Ettore Rossi Lecture Hall

Moderator: PD Dr. B. Schnüriger, Bern

Current management of blunt solid abdominal organ injury
Prof. Dr. Andrew B. Peitzman, Pittsburgh, USA handout ›

Trauma Beyond ATLS® –The brain makes the difference

13.30 - 14.30 Room 1

Moderator: Prof. Dr.M. Keel, Bern

Neurogenic shock: The anesthesiologists’ nemesis
Dr. S. Sulser, Winterthur
handout ›

Coagulopathy after traumatic brain injury – Incidence, time course, and therapeutic options
Dr. T. Lustenberger, Frankfurt, Germany
handout ›

Diffuse axonal brain injury: The dos and don‘ts to improve patients’ outcome
PD Dr. M. Hänggi, Bern
handout ›

13.30 - 15.00 Ettore Rossi Lecture Hall

13:30 - 14:30h Room 1

Moderator: Divisionär Dr. A. Stettbacher

Coordinated medical services in disaster management in Switzerland
Divisionär Dr. A. Stettbacher
handout ›

Sandy – what you can learn from a storm
Prof. Dr. S. Teperman, New York, USA
handout ›

Modern Management of Major Haemorhage
Prof. Dr. K. Brohi, London, UK
handout ›

Military Session – Lessons Learned the Hard Way!

13:30 - 14:30h Ettore Rossi Lecture Hall

Moderator: Major General Dr. A. Stettbacher

Major General Dr. A. Stettbacher

Blood Transfusions - 2016
Prof. Dr. M. Schreiber handout ›

Masquelet procedure and management of infection in trauma patients
Dr. Dennis Vogt handout ›

PRO-CON: Flail chest – To plate or not to plate?

14.30 - 15.00 Room 1

Moderator: Prof. A. Platz, Zürich

Plate it! The importance of surgical restoration of chest wall integrity
Dr. R. Kuster, Bern
handout ›

Don‘t do the patient more harm! – Don’t plate it!
Prof. Dr. R. Stocker, Zürich
handout ›

Preclinical trauma care

15.30 - 16.50 Ettore Rossi Lecture Hall

Moderator: Dr. M. Brodmann Mäder, Bern, Prof. Dr. J Osterwalder, St. Gallen

From the ‘Pizzo della Croce’ to the Highway ‘A2’ – Lessions learned from preclinical trauma care in the Ticino region
Dr. B. Savary-Borioli, Lugano handout ›

Targeting the most suitable trauma center for my severely injured patient: Is it time for guidelines?
Dr. M. Lehmann, REGA handout ›

Mountain Rescue – Swiss Rescue Skills brought to the Himalayas
G. Biner, Zermatt, Dr. M. Brodmann Mäder, Bern, B. Jelk, Zermatt handout ›

Tough trauma cases: The experts‘ decisions

17.00 - 17.50 Ettore Rossi Lecture Hall

Experts panel: Prof. Dr. A. B. Peitzman, Pittsburgh, USA, Prof. Dr. S. Teperman,
New York, USA, Prof. Dr. H. C. Pape, Aachen, Germany, Prof. Dr. A. Platz Zürich,
Prof. Dr. J. Osterwalder, St. Gallen, PD Dr. B. Schnüriger, Bern, Dr. T. Lustenberger,
Frankfurt, Germany

Case presentations and discussion of unusual and tricky trauma cases
Prof. Dr. M. Keel, Bern
handout ›
Summary and Closure
Prof. Dr. H. Zimmermann, Bern
handout ›