6th Swiss Trauma & Resuscitation Day 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to the 6th Swiss Trauma & Resuscitations Day (STRD) 2017!

Recent devastating mass casualty incidents have alerted doctors all over the world. These incidents are frightening as they seem to strike at random. What is certain, unfortunately, is that disasters will be recurrent in one form or another. Therefore, the focus of the 6th STRD is on the management of trauma mass casualties.

In addition to caring for severely injured patients, trauma centers are pivotal resources for disasters of mass scale. In recent human-caused or natural disasters, trauma centers have been on the front line for clinical response and coordination of local, and often regional, resources.

We believe, that the program of the 6th STRD is relevant for all those, that are involved in the care of trauma patients. We would like to welcome you to the 6th Annual STRD and looking forward meeting with you in 2017!


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